We are Dutch academics, activists, Black feminists, parents and queers of colour. We are engaged in the debate on racism in the Netherlands embodied in the figure of Zwarte Piet.

We release this statement to urge the Dutch political establishment to swiftly safeguard the place and space of Dutch minorities to participate in the public debate. And to state the measures it will take to address and counter institutional racism, of which Zwarte Piet is an integral part.

We call upon all, both in the Netherlands and internationally, who support the struggle against racism to sign and share this public statement.

For inquiries you can contact us via publicstatementzp@gmail.com

Chandra Frank, Feminist activist of color, writer and teacher
Egbert Alejandro Martina, Writer and Cultural Critic
Zihni Özdil, Historian at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Patricia Schor, Cultural Critic at Utrecht University
Hodan Warsame, Black Feminist activist at Redmondamsterdam.com